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//// So, I've been DYING to share this session with all of you.

I photographed Josiah + Barbara engagement session in January 2016. ( I know, it's months later now.)

If you don't know, Josiah is my awesome big brother and Barbara is his sweet fiance a.k.a my future sister-in-law. I wish I could do the photography for their wedding, but I'm a part of the bridal party and would rather just enjoy the day with them. Thank goodness they let me do their engagement session!

The session in January went wonderfully, but it was super cold. SO COLD that we didn't get to finish the session. Like hand + noses were red and we were shaking all over the place. I told J + B that I wanted to get more photos of them because we didn't get many on the bridge and I wanted to make sure they were getting a variety of photos. Plus they're both stunning and family, so I wanted to do more for them.

Skip ahead to many months later....

We tried many times to schedule the second half of the session but failed. We all were so busy, especially Josiah was working a lot of weekends. When we did get to finish the session, it was in April or May. It was spectacular and so worth the wait! I really like that we got some winter photos and some spring ones. It shows their love in different seasons. This is one of my favorite sessions ever! I mean how can it not be! They're family and so dear to my heart :)

I'm just getting to share it now though due to my own journey of ups and downs, including getting a new computer which means starting over in a way. I am super thankful though. I am really proud of this session, how far I've come and so honored that I was able to photograph my brother and his lovely bride-to-be. You don't know all the behind the scenes of my life ( I do my best to be vulnerable), but this was a super special moment in time for me. God is so good and I can't wait to see what is to come for these two. I love them so much and I know they are going to make an impact in the world.



WEDDING DATE // September 18, 2016

LOCATION OF SESSION // Downtown Harrisburg, Capital building + Little Amps coffee

>>> I highly suggest you check out Little Amps! They're awesome!

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