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/// Featured on my blog today is The Jones Family!

This session was so fun and relaxing! Not only is this family awesome, but they're also my awesome neighbors. They asked to have the session in their back yard and I'm so glad they did! It was the perfect place to take their photos. The lighting was great ( shout out to the super helpful white fences ) and it made the session more personal and special for them. What's a better place to capture a family than at their own home. We all had a blast chatting and being silly! We did a variety of shots and some ideas they thought of, which I thought were great. Like Taylor and her dad wanted to compare their guns ( arm muscles ) for a photo. It was so funny and cute! and they got some muscles, let me tell you. They also wanted a photo of their hands showcasing their blue bands to honor a friend of their's, who died 6 years ago on August 27, 2016, the day we did the session. Of course we can take a photo of that! Sessions are all about the person/people. You want to show who they are and show the beauty within them that even they might not see. Also, capturing a moment in their lives that they can remember forever. The way they look, the emotion, and everything in who they are at that time in their lives. If you're looking for that in a session, feel free to message/email me. I would love to meet you!

OH and of course I had the best time photographing their dog Diesel! He is so photogenic and adorable! I love sessions with animals. If you're wondering what kind of breed Diesel is, he is a cavachon. He likes getting his haircut, so I kept asking him, "do you want to go get a haircut?" and he would always give me the best look. So cute.

There are also some photos of Taylor's tattoo on her back. She got it there because she had back surgery. Such a tough and beautiful girl!

Thank you Jones Family for giving me the opportunity to photograph you guys! It was pure joy. I'm honored to be your neighbor/friend. See you around the neighborhood :)

Thank you everyone else for stopping by!

Enjoy the photos.


>> ALYSSA <<

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