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I have been DYING to share this session! Finally, it's done.

Featured on the blog today is my friend Kacey. She is rockin the camera wearing the crystal jewelry she makes! She has her own jewelry business called "Found Wanderer." You can check out her jewels and products at this

Kacey and I had so much fun doing this session! I loved getting to be creative with shots and helping Kacey put together amazing outfits. We also had a "fun" workout just trying to get to this location ;) Let's just say my thighs hurt the next day.

Fun fact: The last set of photos with Kacey in the peach dress on the cliffs was actually spontaneous. It got really cold, but we still wanted to capture some more stuff. Kacey was such a champ. I placed her quick in the right spot and then I just held that button down as Kacey did her thing. Totally and uniquely her. I love it! I hope you all enjoy these photos while you're waiting for your turkey dinner ;)

Thanks for checking out my post! Give some love to Kacey's page as well, click on this >> FOUND BY KACEY

Love Always,


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